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26/03/2014 News Alert:
Die Courant – 26/03/2014

22/01/2014 News Alert:
Die Courant – 22/01/2014

21/01/2014 News Alert:
Swartland Gazette – 21/01/2014

24/07/2013 News Alert:
Die Courant – 24/07/2013
Neem kennis dat die ledetal nie 80 is nie, maar ‘n 160.

23/07/2013 News Alert:
Swartland Gazette – 23/07/2013

09/07/2013 News Alert:
Swartland Gazette – 09/07/2013

03/04/2013 News Alert:
Die Courant – 03/04/2013

02/04/2013 News Alert:
Swartland Gazette – 02/04/2013

23/03/2013 News Alert:
Die Burger – 23/03/2013

20/03/2013 News Alert:
Die Courant – 20/03/2013

23/01/2013 News Alert:
Die Courant – 23/01/2013

22/01/2013 News Alert:
Swartland Gazette – 22/01/2013

04/12/2012 News Alert:
Swartland Gazette – 04/12/2012

15/05/2012 News Alert:
MEDIA STATEMENT – Liquor Abuse by Minister Winde
Download: MEDIA STATEMENT - Liquor Abuse by Minister Winde

15/05/2012 News Alert:
Western Cape Government Liquor Conference 23 April 2012.
Download attachments:
Minutes Quarterly Western Cape Liquor Conference held on 23rd April 2012
SALGA Quarterly Western Cape Liquor Conference 23 April 2012
Sustainable Livelihood Consultants Quarterly Western Cape Provincial Liquor Conference

20/04/2012 News Alert:
Swartland Municipality by-law published in Provincial Gazette on 20 April and becomes law.
Click here to download or see Downloads tab. Swartland Municipality by-law on liquor trading days and hours

17/04/2012 News Alert:
Report on banning of liquor advertising, to download click the following link: Liquor Ad Ban

17/04/2012 News Alert:
Correction of trading days and hours- Swartland Gazette – 17/04/2012

12/04/2012 News Alert:
National Liquor Regulations Amendments Draft for April 2012 has been published for comments. The download is available in the “Downloads” tab at the top.

11/04/2012 News Alert:
Editorial – Swartland Municipal Newsletter – 11/04/2012

10/04/2012 News Alert:
Swartland Gazette – 10/04/2012

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: The trading days and hours of Liquor Stores and Grocers’ Wine Licences are incorrect due to a printing error. It should read: Monday – Friday 09h00 – 20h00 and Saturday 09h00 – 17h00. Closed days – Sundays, Good Friday and Christmas. Also incorrect is the amount of the fine which should read R30 000. This article will be corrected with the next issue of the Swartland Gazette.

05/04/2012 News Alert:
REMEMBER:  Friday 6th April 2012 is a CLOSED DAY. Wishing all our members a joyful and peaceful Easter and be safe.

04/04/2012 News Alert:
Die Courant – 04/04/2012

01/04/2012 News Alert:
Western Cape Liquor Act becomes law. See downloads for Act, Amendments and Regulations.

29/03/2012 News Alert:
Swartland Municipality Draft By-law on liquor trading days and hours approved by council on Thursday 29/03/2012. The By-law will now be published in the Provincial Gazette and becomes law on that date or on a later date set in the By-law.

29/03/2012 News Alert:
Western Cape Liquor Act promulgated in Provincial Gazette and becomes law on 1 April 2012.

29/03/2012 News Alert:
Remember existing licences for 2012 remain unchanged until renewal for 2013 regarding trading days and hours.